Westdale Roll of Honour

Westdale Roll of Honour, photo provided by Linda McGill Westdale Public School

Large wooden honour roll, bearing gold inscriptions. The header of the honour board features an AIF insignia, along with an inscription in a 'scroll' type styling.

The bottom of the board features a wood carved outline of Australia, with a painted wreath bearing the words "In memory". 



Roll of Honour

(AIF Insignia)


The following at the call of Duty voluntarily enlisted

to fight for King & Country, Humanity, Truth & Freedom

in the great World War 1914 -9, 1939-45,

Future generations shall bless them


Wallamore -

Honour Roll


Westdale - 

1939 - 1945


In Memory


x Killed

Westdale Public School
Gunnedah Road
Westdale NSW 2340
Recorded by
Jim Finucane and OMNI Men’s Shed, Linda McGill Westdale Public School
World War 1
World War 2

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