George Cartwright VC Reserve

Inverell George Cartwright V.C. ReserveInverell George Cartwright V.C. ReserveInverell George Cartwright V.C. Reserve

A memorial reserve dedicated to Private George Cartwright, who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his action in the First World War. A timber sign identifies the reserve and a plaque detailing Cartwright's achievements is attached to the wall at the nearby 'The Kurrajongs' memorial. The reserve was dedicated on 25 April 2005.


Timber sign

The George Cartwright VC Reserve



The 33rd Battalion is honoured with two Victoria Cross Medals for, "most conspicuous bravery".  One of these was awarded to Private George Cartwright. Born in South Kensington, London, he emigrated to Australia as a teenager. During this time, he worked as a labourer in the Inverell District. In December 1915 he enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in Inverell and was posted to the 33rd Battalion.

It was on the morning of August 31st 1918, that Private George Cartwright displayed the extreme courage for which the Victoria Cross was awarded.

At a place called Road Wood near Mont St. Quentin, Private Cartwright attacked an enemy machine gun post that had held up the advancing 33rd Battalion.  
Firing his rifle from the shoulder, he rushed forward inflicting casualties on the enemy and then bombed the machine gun post capturing nine prisoners.

The 33rd Battalion having witnessed the extraordinary scene stood up and cheered him before renewing the attack

In the citation for the award of Victoria Cross it states, "Throughout the operation Private Cartwright displayed wonderful dash, grim determination and courage of the highest order".

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52 Glen Innes Road
Inverell NSW 2360
Local Government Area
  • Inverell Shire
  • Garden/park
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  • Garden/park
Recorded by
Graham Wilson OAM
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Dedication date
25 April 2005
  • First World War, 1914–18