Killara Uniting Church

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A sizable stone church, now attached to the adjacent Killara Uniting Church Memorial Hall, with several stained glass windows and an honour roll in the original church entry porch. A large memorial stone is set on the exterior of the building above the original doorway and the foundation just above ground level.

The history of the development of the Church is recorded on a framed document as follows:

Killara Congregational Church Memorial Building Historical Record

The Foundation Stone of this building was laid on April 25th 1923, by Mr S. S. Smith, senior member of the Church.

The four Memorial Buttress Stones, each marked by a cross, were set in position by Mesdames Nutter, Rossbach, Matheson and Fry, mothers of deceased soldiers.

The Building, on completion, was set apart for public worship on April 5th 1924. The doors were opened by Mr S. T. Greenwell, senior deacon, and a memorial Address was given by Professor Sir T. Edgeworth David.

The Dedicatory Sermon was preached by Rev. Walter Mathison.

In addition to memorials bearing inscriptions, the following gifts are recorded:

The Pulpit - Mrs O. C. Beale

Communion Plates - Mrs R. D. Moffitt

Communion Trays - Mrs A. C. Gill

Brass Vases - Mrs H. B. Sevier

Reading Desk - Mr & Mrs J. W. Allen

Baptismal Font - The Sunday School

The Bell - Mr R. A. Malloch

Vase and Hymn Board - Mrs F. E. Bayliss

Collection Plates - Mr J. McIntyre

Vestry Chair - Mrs E. A. Wells

The organ was installed in April 1929. It replaced an instrument that was the gift of Mr A. M. Scott, a deacon of the church, with whose memory the present instrument is henceforth associated.

Alex P Campbell, Minister


To the greater glory of God this foundation stone was laid on Anzac Day 25th April 1923

This church was erected in recognition of the grace and favour of Almighty God as a memorial of human service and sacrifice in a time of great national peril 1914 - 1918

Cnr Karranga Avenue and Arnold Street
Killara NSW 2071
Local Government Area
  • Ku-ring-gai Council
Memorial type
  • Public building
Recorded by
David Roden
Established date
25 April 1923
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Dedication date: 
Dedication date
05 April 1924
  • First World War, 1914–18

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