Martins Creek Public School Peace Memorial Garden


A section of school grounds fenced off to formed a Peace Garden. The entrance from the street along a short path to a covered table and BBQ area while looking at the Memorial at the end of the path.

The memorial is a rock with 6 plaques attached to a smooth face. The centre plaque is the dedication with 5 plaques naming 5 local men. The named plaques are in a semi-circle to the left. In the covered table and BBQ area is a wooden plaque to the 50th
anniversary of V.P. Day.


Martins Creek Public School
Dedicated by the Hon. Terry Metherell, Minister for Education and Youth Affairs as a community tribute to the life and witness of heroic local men who served, and especially those who died, in World War 1.

'Praise to your young courage..
for that is the way to the stars.'

Armistice Day

Ross Bell B.Ed. Dip.

(plaque - top)
William Henry Burt
Serial No. 1435 Private
son of Edward and Ann Maria BURT
A railway porter who enlisted in the A.I.F. on 20 February, 1916
Embarked at Sydney for service overseas per H.M.A.T. 'Hororata', 2nd May 1916
Died of Wounds, 14th October, 1917, received in action in Belgium.
Buried at Ljssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium
Twenty one years

George Henry PRIESTLEY
Serial No. 2191, Lance Corporal
son of George Henry and Grace Bertha PRIESTLEY
A farmer, who enlisted in the A.I.F. on 20th April, 1915
Embarked for service overseas per H.M.A.T. 'Karoola', 16 June 1915
Served at Gallipoli, Malta and France.
Killed in action in France February 11, 1917.
Buried at Warlencourt British Cemetery, France.
Twenty two years.

(plaque)Herbert Raymond LUSTY
Serial No. 1663, Private
son of Thomas and Caroline LUSTY,
brother of Thomas Sydney LUSTY, killed at Passchendaele.
A farmer who enlisted in the A.I.F. on 25th February, 1916
Embarked for services overseas per H.M.A.T. 'Hororata', 2nd May, 1916
Killed in action at Lagnicourt, France, April 15th, 1917.
Commemorated at the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial to the missing
Twenty two years.

Sylvanus Henry TYRELL
Serial No. 1478, Private
The son of William Tyrell at Martins Creek
A man who enlisted in the A.I.F. on 5th February 1916
Embarked for service overseas per H.M.A.T. 'Hororata' 2nd May 1916
Killed in action in France 15th July 1918
buried at the Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery
lx A 7
21 years.

(plaque - bottom)
John Hugh KERR
Serial No. 1841, Private
husband of Catherine Kerr of Martins Creek
A labourer who enlisted in the A.I.F. on 4th January 1916
Embarked for service overseas per H.M.A.T. 'Port Sydney' on 2nd May 1916
Died of Wounds 8th April 1918
Buried at St. Saver Cemetery Extension Part 1
P. lx C 8B
Forty one years.

(plaque - covered table and BBQ area)
Westringia hedges planted by the children of Martins Creek
Public School on the 50th Anniversary of V.P.

15th August 1995.

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
Private William Henry Burt World War 1 DOW 1435 AIF Belgium view
Private John Hugh Kerr World War 1 DOW 1841 AIF view
Private Herbert Raymond Lusty World War 1 KIA 1663 AIF Lagnicourt view
Lance Corporal George Henry Priestley World War 1 KIA 2191 AIF France view
Private Sylvanus Henry Tyrell World War 1 KIA 1478 AIF France view
Martins Creek Public School, Cook Street
Martins Creek NSW 2420
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Mr Robert McLardy, Cr. Glenn Wall & Mr. Christopher Wall
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