Mulwaree High School Remembrance Museum and Avenue of Trees

View of northern exhibition Room. World Wars 1 and 2 exhibits.View of northern exhibition room. Gallipoli dugout and France (WW1) exhibits.View of northern exhibition room. France exhibits World War 1.Lone Pine descendant tree. Two trees bookend the Vietnam and World War one tree corridor.Vietnam Tree Corridor detail. 6 Goulburn men were killed in Vietnam. Plaques supplied by the Vietnam Veterans' AssociationWorld War 1 Tree Corridor. Detail. 323 trees have been planted for Goulburn men killed in that war

The Mulwaree Remembrance Museum was established in 1992, and has been warmly embraced by the Goulburn and District community. The collection contains approximately 7000 militaria items from the New Zealand Wars through to the Vietnam War. The exhibition room includes exhibits for the First and Second World Wars, Gallipoli and France.

Outside is a memorial avenue consisting of 323 trees planted for veterans from Goulburn killed in the First World War and 82 trees planted for those killed in the Second World War. An additional two trees were planted, one at the start and finish of the tree corridor, in honour of the six Goulburn men killed in Vietnam. Each tree bears a brass plaque underneath, listing the service details of these veterans.

These two sites form the Mulwaree High School Remembrance Project, an educational resource for district students.

Excerpts from the Mulwaree High School website:

As it stands today (2010), the project boasts a free-standing library building housing around 5,000 items of militaria, all of them history resources.

Our school has a sister school in Marquion, France near a famous World War I battlefield and bordering the school grounds. Students have planted a native tree for each and every citizen of Goulburn who was killed in twentieth century wars.

The school also has a student Anzac Club, the first in Australia, and the idea has been so successful, other schools in this and other Australian states have established their own clubs.

Excerpts from the Destination NSW website:

Acquisitions include battlefield relics from Gallipoli and France, prisoner of war relics from Hellfire Pass, uniforms, medals, ordnance, photos, diaries, flags, and personal effects. 

The museum also focuses on collecting information and exhibits on men and women from the district that served in wars.

A Remembrance Corridor along the eastern and northern boarders of the school is comprised of an Australian native tree for every Goulburn & District service man or woman killed in active service during the two World Wars and the Vietnam War.

Viewing the corridor takes about 30 minutes and is a pleasant walk in a semi rural setting.


Tree plaque

Descendant of the original Gallipoli Lone Pine

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