Sheepyard and Community War Memorial


The memorial is a group of natural, unpolished ironstone rocks from the local environment, arranged in a roughly circular formation. Numerous dedication plaques for individuals, groups, and conflicts are attached to the rocks. There are also three flagpoles, including one for the Aboriginal flag, one for the Australian flag and one for the New South Wales state flag.


Timber sign

Lest We Forget

Plaque 1

Dedicated to all
Australian Aboriginals
who served their country in time of war
1914- [no end date is listed]

Plaque 2

In memory of those
who died and a
tribute to all
served Australia
during times of war

Plaque 3

in memory of our
comrades who served
and fell in Korea

Plaque 4

in memory of those who
served and died in
Malaya and Borneo

Plaque 5

Dedicated to all
Australians who served
in South Vietnam and to
the memory of those
who lost their lives

Plaque 6

In memory of all
Australian army
medical womens service
from Dorothy Rose (Newman)
NFX 99940 A.I.F A.A.M.W.S

Plaque 7

World War 1
to the memory of those
members of the armed
forces who fought and
died for their country.
And to those men and
womens who gave their
valuable service both at
home and abroad.

Plaque 8

World War II
In memory of those men
and women who gave
their lives in defence of
our country

Plaque 9

In memory of
Arthur Eric John
HMAS Condamine

Plaque 10

In memory of
Keith C. Hobden
2nd 20th Battalion 8th Division
POW Changi Singapore
17.12.1917 to 6.02.2006

Plaque 11

In memory of
Ronald "Doc"
2 and 11 Fld. Amb.

Plaque 12

In loving memory of
Prv. Darcy James
2/24th Australian infintry batalion
served in Tarakan 1942 - 1946
Father of Jo Byrnes
17.2.1924 to 19.5.2004
Lest We Forget

Plaque 13

In loving memory of
Edward John Plunkett
passed away 8.1.2000 aged 77
Sweet is the sleep
that ends all pain
we would not wake you
to suffer again
sadly missed, dearly loved

Plaque 14

In loving memory of
Lloyd Kenneth Radburn
"Bando - The Beekeeper"
RAAf No: 137853
New Guinea 1943 - 1946
26-08-25 - 08-09-08

Plaque 15

NX15473 Private
G. J. Ross
11th July 2000 Age 87
Loved husband of Gertrude Margaret.
Rest in peace

Plaque 16

In loving memory of
Wallace Semmler (Gunna)
NX 144998 Sergeant
4th Australian Motor Regiment

Plaque 17

William Stewart
27.8.1950 - 13.11.2008
No 296085 3 Cav Reg
His life tragically shortened

Plaque 18

In memory of
Ronald Francis Turnbull
33 Australian Infantry
Brigade signals section
31st July 1942 - 13th March 1946

Plaque 19

In memory of
Capt. Reg Wallace
Army number 2/211
1911 ~ 1982
Lest we forget

Plaque 20

In memory of
William Rex

Veterans listed on this memorial

Last held rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Unit at embarkation Campaign Read more
Arthur E J Carlson 58799ERAIV RAN HMAS Condamine view
Pte Keith C Hobden NX26846 Army 2nd 20th Bttln 8th Div WW1 POW Changi view
Ronald Jones Korea RAN HMAS Anzac 53-59 view
Sergeant Ronald Jones Vietnam 1410945 Army 2 and 11 Field Amb view
Pte Darcy J McCabe WX172643 Army 2/24th Infantry Battalion World War 2 Tarakan view
Airman Lloyd K Radburn World War 2 137853 RAAF New Guinea view
GJ Ross NX15473 Army Headquarters view
Sergeant Wallace Semmler World War 2 NX144998 Army 4th Australian Motor view
Pte William Stewart Vietnam 296085 Army 3 CAV Reg view
Pte Ronald F Turnbull World War 2 NX127426-N122154 Army 33 Aust Infantry view

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Sheepyard Opal Field
Lake Beard
Cumborah NSW 2832
Local Government Area
  • Walgett Shire
Memorial type
  • Stone/bushrock
Recorded by
Sheepyard and Community War Memorial Association
Year of construction
Established Date format: 
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  • First World War, 1914–18
  • Second World War, 1939–45
  • Korean War, 1950–53
  • Malayan Emergency, 1950–60
  • Indonesian Confrontation, 1963–66
  • Vietnam War, 1962–75
  • All conflicts