Soldiers Settlement Museum (Closed)


Note: the Soldiers Settlement Museum was closed in 2019. The museum housed several honour rolls for the district. 

Former description:

The Soldiers Settlement Museum was created in 2004 to honour the memory of our returned soldiers. It is located at Campbelltown East Public School, established in 1961. The school is located on the site of former poultry farm land, offered to soldiers returning from the First World War. 

The museum is a trip down memory lane for older guests or a learning experience for younger visitors. The aim of the displays is not to celebrate war, but instead to study its impact on the citizens of Campbelltown. All displays, except those behind glass, can be touched, played with and used. The aim is for all visitors to have a hands-on experience.

The collection was assembled with items permanently on loan, or donations from organisations including Campbelltown RSL Club, Dredges Cottage, Campbelltown Historical Society, the Australian War Memorial, committee members and the local community. The first room is called 'Life at the front' and focuses on military exhibits from all wars. The second room is called 'Life at home' and is set up as a cottage, with rooms including a kitchen, lounge, bedroom and laundry.

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Formerly: Campbelltown East Public School
Waminda Avenue
Campbelltown NSW 2560
Local Government Area
  • Campbelltown, City of
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Permanently closed
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  • Building
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Soldier's Settlement Museum
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