Tamworth Boer War Memorial



The Tamworth Boer War Memorial commemorates “those men from Tamworth who fought for the Empire in the South African war of 1899-1902”.

The monument was originally located at the corner of Brisbane and Marius streets. In 1929 it was re-located further along Marius street to the park opposite the Railway Station. The memorial is constructed of white Carrara marble, in the form of a monumental drinking fountain.

The central column has a carved lion at the top (“the symbol of Britain’s power”), holding the Australian shield in its right paw. In its original location the lion looked down Brisbane street. The memorial has four drinking taps above joined semi-circular basins forming the present base of the structure. In its original position the structure rested on a freestone base which incorporated a drinking-basin for horses.

The memorial was unveiled on 27 September 1901 by the Mayor of Tamworth, H. C. Ison, in the presence of about 2,000 people. The NSW Minister for Mines and Agriculture and the local parliamentary member were also present. The unveiling ceremony had been preceded by a military procession consisting of the local troop of Australian Horse, about twenty returned soldiers, the local Volunteer Infantry Corps, the Public School Cadets, and headed by the Federal Band.
[Refer to: Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday, 28 September 1901, page 9; Australian Town and Country Journal, 19 October 1901, page 55; Northern Daily Leader, 17 April 2009].

Additional Sydney Trains information:

this monument, along with several other war memorials, is located in front of the station in a park known as Railway War Memorial Park and lies within the curtilage of heritage-listed Tamworth Railway Train Station Group.



H. C. Ison - Mayor - 1901

Erected by the citizens to commemorate the services of those men from Tamworth who fought for the Empire in the South African war of 1899-1902.

Marius Street, between Brisbane & Bourke streets
Tamworth NSW 2340
Location/surrounding area
Railway War Memorial Park, part of Tamworth Railway Station
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Ian Beissell. Updated info by Sydney Trains
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Unveiled on 27 September 1901 by the Mayor of Tamworth, H. C. Ison
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01 January 1970
Boer War

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