Tamworth Man-O-War Gates

Tamworth Man-O-War Gates park settingTamworth Man-O-War Gates plaque

The Tamworth RSL Sub-Branch has outlined a history of the Man-O-War Gates which once stood at the Naval Jetty at Farm Cove, Sydney Harbour. 

The jetty was established in colonial times to serve Government House and Fort Macquarie at Bennelong Point. In the 1970s they were demolished to make way for the Opera House. In time Mr Graham Diamond bought them and offered them to the Tamworth RSL Sub-Branch for inclusion in a World War 11 memorial.

The gates were dedicated as a memorial to the men and women of the R.A.N. The gates were refurbished and erected on a support structure constructed by DEET in a New Works Opportunities project in 1996. [Tamworth RSL Sub-Branch War Memorials]



Through these gates officers and sailors of
the Royal Australian Navy passed, to serve
their country in war and in peacetime, many
never to return to their homes.
As you pass through - remember them.
Erected by the R. & S.L. of Australia, Tamworth Sub-Branch


These gates were originally located at
Circular Sydney in Sydney and have been 
donated by the DIAMOND FAMILY of Nundle
to the R. & S.L. of Australia, Tamworth 
These gates were refurbished and erected on
the ornate support structure constructed by
the participants of the D.E.E.T. funded
New Works Opportunities project here at
NO. 3 Oval in 1996.



81 Kable Avenue
Tamworth NSW 2340
Location/surrounding area
Tamworth Bicentennial Park
Recorded by
Graham Wilson OAM
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09 February 1997
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