Upper Orara World War 2 Memorial


Stone memorial steps with decorative torch and flame plaque, and flag pole. 

Heritage Listed - http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/heritageapp/ViewHeritageItemDetails.as...

Description taken from the Environment and Heritage page - 

"Simple memorial/cenotaph comprising a stepped concrete square base surmounted with low concrete plinth supporting a cast iron wreath bearing the words ‘Lest we forget’. Incised into the concrete below the plaque are the words, ‘In memory of the fallen’. White flag pole behind. Concrete path, forming a cross, leads to the memorial and surrounds it. 

Located on a grassy slope next to the former All Saints Anglican Church. Avenue of pines behind the memorial may be a memorial planting. The open, grassy setting in a surrounding quiet rural landscape is part of its significance and power as a memorial."


Lest We Forget

In Memory of the Fallen

612 Upper Orara Rd
grassy slope next to the former Anglican Church
Upper Orara NSW 2450
Recorded by
Sharon - Coffs Harbour District Family History Society Inc.
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Dedication date
28 January 1964
World War 2

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