Newcastle Civic Park Vietnam and National Service Memorials


This record describes two memorials in close proximity. 

  • Vietnam memorial: A hewn sandstone rock with brass plaques is located in front of a partially rendered wall structure with polished black marble tiles. The wall creates a border for the central commemorative space containing the rock and a flagstaff. To the front, and set into the path is the word “Vietnam.” On the western outside of the memorial is a brass plaque providing a brief description of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War. The memorial was dedicated on 12 September 1987.
  • National Service and Combined Forces memorial: A plaque attached to a block base, positioned behind the Vietnam memorial in close association. The memorial was dedicated on 10 February 2002.

The memorials are located at the western end of the Park near the intersection of Auckland and King Streets.


Vietnam - top plaque on rock

Vietnam War Memorial [map of Vietnam and flags of Australia and the Republic of South Vietnam]

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley men who gave their lives 1962 - 1973. 


Lest we forget. Erected by their Newcastle Vietnam Legion Comrades 1986.

Vietnam - base plaque on rock

The Vietnam War Memorial was constructed by the Vietnam legion with monies donated by the citizens of the Hunter Valley District. The memorial was dedicated on the 12th of September 1987 by Major General A.L. Morrison AO DSO MBE. J.E. McNaughton, Lord Mayor W.B. Lewis, Town Clerk Architects; Suters, Busteed, Corner and Clode.

Vietnam - information plaque

Australian involvement in Vietnam began in 1962 with the commitment of army advisers whose task was to train and assist the army of the Republic of Vietnam in its struggle against Viet Cong guerrillas and later against the forces of North Vietnam. In 1965, a regular battalion was sent to assist American and South Vietnamese forces. As the level of the war intensified, further increases were made in troop strength, and ships and aircraft of the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force also saw service. At its height, the 1st Australian Task force numbered 8,300 men, and operated mostly in the southern coastal province of Phoc Tuy. Nearly 50,000 Australians served in what became Australia's longest war, and for the first time large numbers of National Servicemen were sent on active service overseas. The main Australian force was withdrawn at the end of 1971, and the remaining small groups of army instructors were brought home the following year. 486 Australians were killed and 2,398 were wounded. On the outside rear faces of the funnel are memorial plaques for serviceman who have died while in service but not in conflict.

National Service and Combined Forces Memorial - top plaque

Between 1951 and 1972 over 291,000 Australian men were conscripted into National Service in the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force. These men served their country well in times of war and peace and many gave their lives, were injured or incapacitated in the course of their service.

Australia as a nation is indebted to its National Servicemen and Citizen Soldiers who were the core of defence forces for much of the last half of the 20th century.  

This memorial is dedicated to those men as well as to all the other men and women who have served in the defence forces of Australia.  Let us remember all those who were called by their nation to serve Australia with pride and dedication. Each one is part of our heritage.

Monument erected by the National Service and Combined Forces Association of Australia Newcastle Branch. 

Committee President: J. Nelson, Vice President: O. Rowey, Secretary: J. Watts, Treasurer: R. Ryeland.

Dedicated by His Honour John Tate Lord Mayor of Newcastle 10 February 2002. Lest we forget.

National Service and Combined Forces Memorial - base plaque

National Service & Combined  Forces Association of Australia INC. 1999

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
W J Ashton Vietnam War KIA view
E J Bailey Vietnam War KIA view
T D Blackhurst Vietnam War KIA view
W A Blanck Vietnam War KIA view
S E Dickson Vietnam War KIA view
D G Doyle Vietnam War KIA view
G G Gilbert Vietnam War KIA view
J Hall Vietnam War KIA view
P A Hines Vietnam War KIA view
J M Houston Vietnam War KIA view
Newcastle Civic Park
King and Auckland Streets
Newcastle NSW 2300
Local Government Area
  • Newcastle, City of
  • Garden/park
Memorial type
  • Monument
  • Stone/bushrock
Recorded by
Mr Robert McLardy
Established date
1987 and 2002
Established Date format: 
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  • Korean War, 1950–53
  • Malayan Emergency, 1950–60
  • Indonesian Confrontation, 1963–66
  • Vietnam War, 1962–75

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