Woodstock Soldiers Memorial Park

Memorial monument with date inscriptionWestern end viewMemorial Avenue looking towards EastMemorial Gate


Memorial park in Woodstock with monument and avenue.


Memorial Avenue Tree Species:

Cupessus arizonica – Arizona Cypress

Grevillia robusta – Silky Oak

Quercus ilex – Holly Oak, Holm Oak

Non-locally indigenous Eucalyptus spp. make up the majority of the remaining trees, they are yet to be botanically identified.


Crown Reserve 55078
Area: 3.36 hectares (8.31 acres)
Altitude: 500 m

The Crown Reserve in which the Woodstock Soldiers Memorial Park is located also contains a Box Gum Grassy Woodland listed for protection in the:
- NSW TSC Act 1995 as an Endangered Ecological Community.
- Commonwealth EPBC Act 1999 as a Critically Endangered Ecological Community


Both the Memorial structures and Box Gum Grassy Woodland are in obvious poor condition. It is hoped that circumstance will eventually allow all features of this Memorial Park to be restored to become a unique compliment to each other and an inspiring attraction.

White Box Yellow Box Blakely’s Red Gum Woodland - profile from the NSW Department of Environment & Heritage.



1/11/23 (Date on concrete slab)

Baker Street
Woodstock NSW 2793
Location/surrounding area
Woodstock Soldiers Memorial Park, central NSW, 23 km northeast of Cowra 2794
Recorded by
Marilyn Bush and Jackie Pfeiffer
Established date
6 January 1922
Established Date format: 
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Dedication date: 
5 December 1923 in honour of 66 Woodstock soldiers who served in the First World War
Dedication date
01 January 1970
World War 1

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