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Liverpool City Cenotaph

Liverpool City Cenotaph
Liverpool City Cenotaph
Liverpool City Cenotaph, close-up of pillar with inscription
Liverpool City Cenotaph, close-up of pillars
Liverpool City Cenotaph, dedication plaque
Liverpool City Cenotaph, sculpture plaque
Liverpool City Cenotaph, relocation plaque
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Description / Background

The Liverpool City Cenotaph is a memorial sculpture located in Berryman Reserve, Warwick Farm. It is dedicated to the fallen of the First and Second World Wars. The sculpture consists of a series of broken and unbroken columns, decorated with military imagery. One of the broken columns bears a dedication to the service men and women from Liverpool. Positioned among the columns are several sandstone blocks and there is also a garden bed in the shape of the Rising Sun emblem. 

The sculpture was created by artist Lisa Anderson, based on the diary of the mother of John Edmondson VC. It was originally located in Macquarie Mall, but was relocated to Berryman Reserve in 2018-2019.



Lest we forget to honour all those Liverpool men and women who have served Australian in times of conflict and peace. 

Plaque 1

Liverpool City Council

The Cenotaph was dedicated in the presence His Excellency Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair AC, Governor of New South Wales on 2 December 1994.

Plaque 2


The design of this sculpture uses columns as the classical representations of the body, these figures surround the fallen figure, resting on the grass garden constructed in the shape of the demi-glory of bayonets, commonly known as the rising sun badge. The bottom part of the broken stem acts as a sundial at the 11th hour on the 11th month, casting a shadow into the top part of the broken stem and reuniting the figure on Remembrance Day.

The impressions in the camouflaged sentry columns represent objects of war and peace brought forward by the Liverpool community and Defence Forces archives. The story on the fallen stem represents loss, that emotion most keenly felt in a community touched by war.

Artist - Lisa Anderson

Plaque 3

Liverpool City Council

Remembrance Driveway

Originally located within Macquarie Mall, the Cenotaph was removed in 2015 during renovations and re-installed at Berryman Reserve in 2017 on the Remembrance Driveway. Berryman Reserve is dedicated to Lieutenant-General Sir Frank Berryman, foundation President of Remembrance Driveway between 1952-1981 and a veteran of World War II. Remembrance Driveway and the Cenotaph are dedicated to the commemoration of those from the local Liverpool community who served their country and lost their lives during both World Wars. 

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Berryman Reserve
Remembrance Avenue
Warwick Farm NSW 2170
Local Government Area
Liverpool, City of
Location status
Memorial type
Recorded by
Liverpool City Council. Jane Williamson. Janice Williams.
Year of construction
Dedication date
02 December 1994
First World War, 1914–18
Second World War, 1939–45