Armidale AIF Memorial Sportsground

Armidale AIF Memorial Sportsground - grandstand view from streetArmidale AIF Memorial Sportsground - grandstand side viewArmidale AIF Memorial Sportsground players on the field

On 15 January 1919 a public meeting was held in the Armidale Town Hall to consider the erection of a war memorial. A committee was formed and submissions from the general public were called for. In March it was decided to select six submissions but many issues arose particularly in reference to cost and the method of voting on the proposals. In time, three proposals were accepted including a sportsground. Much attention was devoted to fund-raising by the Sportsground War Memorial Committee. The grandstand was completed in 1921 and the entrance gateway was completed in July 1923.

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(formerly) New England Mutual Sportsground
58 Dumaresq Street
Armidale NSW 2350
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Regional Australia Bank Armidale Sportsground
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Graham Wilson OAM
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19 February 2020
World War 1

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