Austinmer War Memorial


Sandstone obelisk faced with gilded plaques.


Austinmer War Memorial

Their name liveth for evermore

Erected by people of Austinmer in grateful memory of those who served in the Great War 1914-1918 also

In memory of those who served in 1939-1945 War Korean & Vietnam Wars

Unveiled by Mrs. S. Cheadle 26th January 1922


The First ANZAC Day

In the pre-dawn darkness of April 25th 1915 the first troops from Australia and New Zealand began moving towards the barely visible shore of Gallipoli Peninsular in rowing boats towed by a steam launch. The men were heavily weighed down. Each man wore his pack filled with personal possessions, spare water and a ground sheet. Under the cross straps was an extending tool wrapped in two empty sandbags. As well as this his waist belt held a water bottle on one hip, a 43 cm bayonet on the other and 200 rounds of 303 ammunition in deep pouches. Tied to the belt were two cotton bags each holding a day's hard rations of tea, sugar, bully beef and hard biscuits.

By 9 am there were 8,000 men ashore moving inland, unsure of the terrain. Yet they went forward and began the bloody business of giving their names to the nameless places and marking the map of Gallipoli for all time. At 9 o'clock that afternoon 17,000 men had been put ashore. As it began to get darker the soldiers were almost without water and had been under extreme pressure since early morning. That they fought well is undoubted. That they went as far as they did is extraordinary. Gallipoli had become another trench warfare arena as the sun set on April 25th, the first Anzac Day. The Anzacs fought on, day and night, until December 1915 when they were finally evacuated. During the evacuation not one life was lost.

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflicts Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
J F Bell view
H Bell view
J S Bradbury view
A Bradbury view
C Burke view
W Chapman view
G Cheadle World War 1 KIA view
A A Cheadle view
J J Curran World War 1 KIA view
F Curran view
Austinmer Beach,Lawrence Hargrave Drive
Austinmer NSW 2515
Location/surrounding area
Memorial Location
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Austinmer Public School & Mount Ousley Public School
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