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Bulli Great War Memorial

Bulli Great War Memorial
Bulli Great War Memorial
Bulli Great War Memorial, dedication plaque with honour roll of those who died
Bulli Great War Memorial, honour roll surnames A-F
Bulli Great War Memorial, honour roll surnames G-O
Bulli Great War Memorial, honour roll surnames O-V, plus later additions
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Description / Background

Bulli Great War Memorial was unveiled on 26 April 1924. It is a plain freestone column, positioned on top of a freestone pedestal. Four white marble plaques are attached to the sides of the pedestal. The whole is surrounded by brick paving and a curved brick wall stands at the back of the area. A flagpole is also on site. 

The plaque on the front of the pedestal (southern side) contains the dedication to those from the Bulli and Woonona areas who served in the First World War. Below the text is an honour roll of those who died during the conflict. The three other plaques bear the names of the remaining enlistees. Some of these have had the letter 'K' added to them, indicating they were also killed. All the lettering on the plaques has been inscribed and blackened. The bottom right-hand corner of the dedication plaque has broken off at some stage, making it difficult to identify some of the fallen. Please see the notes below. 

The memorial is used for Anzac Day commemorative services. It is located in Slacky Flat Park, which is also called J. P. Orvad Grove. Orvad was the founder of the Denmark Hotel and also constructed bridges over the 'Mail Bag Hollows', also known as 'Slacky Flat'. The latter was named after the 'slack' coal that washed on to the slopes from the nearby mine. The park was purchased by the Bulli Shire Council in 1939 and Bulli Raceway was formed, with greyhound trotting tracks in 1946 and racing tracks in 1950.

Statement of significance provided by Wollongong City Council, March 2022:

Bulli WWI memorial is of significance for the Wollongong area for historical reasons due to its ability to interpret history of the area, for associations with the commemorated persons and events, for social reasons due to the importance that the monument has in the wider community, for aesthetic reasons as a group of local landmarks, and as a representative example of monuments that make a major contribution to Bulli's townscape character. The monument is of major importance for the local community's sense of place.

Notes on veterans' names:

  • There may be some incorrect or omitted information in the veterans table below, due to damage to the plaques making some text indecipherable.
  • The following veterans, whose names appear on the damaged front plaque, have been partially identified using names that also appear on the Bulli-Woonona War Memorial
    • 'Christ ...': The last part of this veteran's surname and their initial/s are missing. It is most likely C. Christiansen, who died on service.
    • 'Mo ...': The last part of this veteran's surname and their initial/s are missing. The veteran is possibly A. Moore, who was killed in action.
    • Williams: This veteran's first initial is missing. It is most likely J. Williams.
    • Woods: This veteran's initials are missing. It is most likely G. F. Woods.
  • C. Cristerson: This name has a line engraved through it on the front plaque. There is no C. Cristerson in the Australian War Memorial records. The entry may have been for C. Christiansen and the strike-through indicates acknowledgement of the typographical error. 

Dedication plaque (front/southern side)

This monument was erected by

subscription of the citizens of

Bulli - Woonona.

In memory of those who gave their

lives for the cause of freedom &

those who enlisted in the Great War


They gave their lives.


Plaques 2-4

They also served


Veterans listed on this memorial

Veterans listed on this memorial

Last held rank Given name Family name Conflict/s Service No. Service Campaign Read more
A Adey World War 1 view
A V Adey World War 1 view
C Anderson World War 1 view
L Annesley World War 1 view
A Artis World War 1 view
E Baker World War 1 view
H Baker World War 1 view
J Baker World War 1 view
J Baker World War 1 view
A Barker World War 1 view

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Slacky Flat Park
Cnr Grevillea Park Road and Princes Highway
Bulli NSW 2516
Local Government Area
Wollongong, City of
Location status
Original location
Memorial type
Recorded by
Wollongong City Council. David Roden.
Dedication date
26 April 1924
First World War, 1914–18
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