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Bankstown War Memorial

Bankstown War Memorial
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Description / Background

A new modern memorial made of metal and black granite. There are three steps leading to a tiled area. The main section of the memorial is a wall of black granite with a large piece of curved, silver metal sheeting on top of it. There is a flagpole on either side. Behind this section, there is another of monument of similar design. with a long piece of black granite with three small silver metal pieces of sheeting, each with an insignia of one of the services. In gold lettering along both the back and front of this piece of black granite are the names of the conflicts. 


Large sheet

Lest we forget. All those who followed in the quest for peace.

Long granite block

WWI – WWII – Korea – Vietnam

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Old Courthouse Park
Cnr The Mall and Chapel Road
Bankstown NSW 2200
Local Government Area
Canterbury-Bankstown Council
Memorial type
Recorded by
Ms. Jane Williamson
First World War, 1914–18
Second World War, 1939–45
Korean War, 1950–53
Vietnam War, 1962–75