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Ingleburn Memorial Wall

Ingleburn Memorial Wall
Ingleburn Memorial Wall
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 1
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 2
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 3
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 4
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 5
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 6 and history plaque
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 7
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 8
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 9
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 10
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, plaque 11
Ingleburn Memorial Wall, dedication plaque at base of flagpole
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Description / Background

The memorial wall was established as a part of the Ingleburn Military Heritage Precinct in 2000. It is a sloping, semi-circular construction, which surrounds a central paved area. A flagpole is positioned in the centre of the paving. A plinth at its base bears the dedication plaque for the wall. 

Attached to the wall are a number of black marble plaques. These include a history plaque, which provides a brief overview of the Ingleburn Military Camp and multiple plaques that list all of the units and sections who had been based at the camp from 1939 until 2000, when the camp was closed. 


Dedication plaque


Ingleburn Memorial Wall

was dedicated on

5th August 2001


Mrs Danna Vale

Member for Hughes

History plaque (centre of wall - middle)

Ingleburn Memorial Wall

The Ingleburn Memorial Wall commemorates the men and women of the Australian Army who trained, served or assembled at the Ingleburn Military Camp.

The Camp was established in 1939 and trained personnel for European and Pacific service during World War Two. Units destined for service in Korea, Malaya and Vietnam also assembled and trained here.

The Camp was a training centre for National Service and Headquarters for the Army Reserve between 1951 and 1973. For many Australian men and women, Ingleburn was a place of transformation from civilian to soldier.

The facing plinths commemorate the men and women of the units and sections of the Australian Army stationed at Ingleburn from 1939 until 2000.

This Memorial Wall represents the service and self-sacrifice made by the men and women associated with the Camp.

Plaque 1

Royal New South Wales Regiment 1/19 Battalion 1965–1988

Royal New South Wales Regiment 4/3 Battalion 1988–2000

Plaque 2

1 Military Corrective Establishment 1976–1994

Australian Army Reserves Headquarters 1960–1973

Eastern Region Cadet Corps 1988–2000

Royal Australia Corps of Military Police (RACMP)

School of Military Police 1974–1992

2 Military Police Company 1974–1992

Plaque 3

Eighth Australian Division

August 1940 - November 1940

22nd Brigade

2/18 Infantry Battalion

2/19 Infantry Battalion

2/20 Infantry Battalion

2/12 Field Regiment

8th Division Signals

8th Division Supply

Anti Tank Co (Lark Force)

Plaque 4

Royal Australian Army Medical Corps 1939–1996

103 Convalescent Depot 1939–1945

16th Camp Hospital 1939–1945

2nd Military Hospital 1945–1989

1st Field Hospital 1989–1996

2 General Hospital

1 Field Hygiene Company 1948–1976

2nd Preventative Medicine Company 1976–1988

2 Camp Hospital 1945–1989

Malaria Research Unit 1973–1996

Plaque 5

Sixth Australian Division

September 1939 - January 1940

16th Brigade

16th Brigade Headquarters

6 Division Cavalry Reconnaissance Regiment

2/1 Field Regiment RAA

2/1 Field Company RAE

2/1 Infantry Battalion

2/2 Infantry Battalion

2/3 Infantry Battalion

2/4 Infantry Battalion

2/1 Machine gun Battalion

2/1 Field Regiment

6 Division Army Service Corps (RAASC)

2/1 Field Ambulance (RAAMC)

6 Division Provost Company

Australian Army Veterinary Unit

Plaque 6 (centre of wall - top)

Ingleburn War Memorial

Plaque 7

65th Battalion 34th Infantry Brigade (1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment) and Supporting Units 1945

3rd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment 1954–1957

4th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment 1951–1960

103 Signals Regiment

Plaque 8

Seventh Australian Division

May 1940 - August 1940

20th Brigade HQ

20th Anti Tank Company

2/13 Infantry Battalion

2/17 Infantry Battalion

2/2nd Machine Gun Battalion

2/5 Field Regiment

2/6 Field Regiment

2/1st Medium Artillery Regiment

1st Anti-Aircraft Regiment

7th Division Engineers

2/4th Field Ambulance

2/5th Australian General Hospital

7th Divison Provost Company

Ammunition Corps Company

7th Division Intelligence Section

7th Division Field Cash Office

Plaque 9

Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME)

17th Australian Army Field Company RAE 1942

101 Field Workshop 1973–1998

102 Field Workshops 1966–1967

Royal Australian Army Ordinance Corps (RAAOC)

5th Field Supply Comapny 1973–1998

Royal Australian Army Service Corps (RAASC)

5 Transport Company 1966–1967

1 Transport Company 1967–1971

Plaque 10

2nd Training Battalion 1939–1946

13th National Service Training Battalion 1951–1959

Infantry Centre 1951–1973

2nd Training Group 1973–1988

Plaque 11

Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) 1939–1945

Voluntary Aid Attachment (VAD) 1939–1942

Australian Army Medical Women's Service (AAMWS) 1942–1945

Australian Women's Army Service (AWAS) 1942–1945

Womens Royal Australian Army Corps (WRAAC) 19511985

Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps (RAANC)

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Ingleburn Military Heritage Precinct
Campbelltown Road
Ingleburn NSW 2565
Local Government Area
Campbelltown, City of
Memorial type
Recorded by
Liverpool City Library. Rusty Priest AM.
Year of construction
Dedication date
05 August 2001
Second World War, 1939–45
Korean War, 1950–53
Malayan Emergency, 1950–60
Vietnam War, 1962–75