Memorial Grove and Plaque - Bardia Barracks Ingleburn Military Precinct


A memorial to all those servicemen who died while posted to Bardia Barracks. In the form of a vertical sandstone tablet faced with a dedicatory plaque, the whole resting upon two sandstone supports.Notes on Veteran names: The following names are accompanied by the initials RFD: A C Kaufman, P J H Davies. The following names are accompanied by the initials ED: I H Thackray, J N Norris.



MEMORIAL GROVE BARDIA BARRACKS In memory of those members who have died while posted to Bardia Barracks Dedicated on 18th October 1987 [List of names, details, and death dates.]


Dedication date: 

1987-10-11 00:00:00.0

Recorded by: 

Mr Rusty Priest AM, former RSL State President (NSW Branch)

Established date: 


Location/surrounding area: 

Memorial Location

Address Data: 

Bardia Barracks, Ingleburn Military Precinct,Campbelltown Road
Ingleburn NSW 2565

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Veterans Listed

Rank FirstName LastNamesort descending Status Link
WO1 L F Cash Died During Posting 13 Dec 94 view
Maj P J H Davies RFD Died During Posting 5 Jul 87 view
Cpl D Diklich Died During Posting 29 Jan 89 view
WO2 D W Eather Died During Posting 23 Nov 94 view
Ocdt V L Garland Died During Posting 3 Sep 94 view
WO2 S R Gris Died During Posting 13 Sep 79 view
Sgt L M Hine Died During Posting 13 oct 94 view
WO2 A L Johnson Died During Posting 16 Nov 84 view
Maj A C Kaufman RFD Died During Posting 25 Jun 86 view
WO2 K O King Died During Posting 17 Aug 90 view