Bellingen Former Methodist Church Memorial Gates

Bellingen memorial gate, left gate panelBellingen memorial gate, right gate panel

The marble World War One Memorial Tablet is dedicated to three men who died of wounds in conflict. Their names are also dedicated on a baptismal font located in St Andrews Church in Hyde Street.

The marble World War Two Memorial Tablet is dedicated to five men who lost their lives.

The Daily Examiner on 5 June 1948 reported that the trustees of the Bellingen Methodist Church had decided "to erect a new fence and memorial gates in front of the Bellingen Church to commemorate two deceased trustees and Methodist youth who were killed in both world wars".

At that stage, the work was almost complete and consisted of a concrete fence with piping, a central arch and pillars of Gosford free-stone and the two gates.

The former Methodist Church is now a private business, named the Cedar Bar and Kitchen.


Left gate:

the memory of
immortal dead

First World War


[list of names]

Their name liveth
for evermore.

Right gate: 

the memory of
immortal dead

Second World War

1939 - 1945

[list of names]

We will
remember them.

8 Church Street
Bellingen NSW 2454
Local Government Area
  • Bellingen Shire
Location/surrounding area
The memorial gates are located at the front entrance to the former Methodist Church.
Recorded by
Graham Wilson OAM
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Dedication date
06 June 1948
World War 1
World War 2

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