Boomi Memorial Stone Gates WW2

Boomi Memorial Stone Gates and Memorial HallBoomi Memorial Stone Gates and Memorial Hall

Stone arch surmounted by AIF badge.

The Boomi Memorial Hall

The Boomi and District Public Honour Roll - The Great War is located here. 

According to the North Western Courier , 17 November 1921, the Boomi Memorial Hall was opened by Mrs Campbell who was known as 'the 'Diggers' Mother.' She was originally in affluent circumstances but spent her money assisting the soldiers during World War One. She met every train that passed through Narrabri during the war years. Mrs Campbell was 81 at the time of the hall`s opening and died in 1925 at the age of 85. 

The people of Moree have every reason to feel gratified with success attending the celebration of the opening of the Memorial Hall. Hundreds of people for miles around gathered in the township early on Tuesday last to participate in the historic event. Mr Wearne, M.L.A., called on Mrs Campbell to proceed to the front door of the hall, turn the key and open the door. The conclusion of this important part of the ceremony by the 'Diggers' Mother' was signal for a thunderous outburst of applause. 

Mr Wearne proceeded to say how much pleasure it gave to him to be present, and particularly to see the hall opened by Mrs Campbell — the 'Diggers Mother.' Knowing Mrs Campbell as he did, he could say it was indeed an honour to Boomi to have that grand old lady open the hall. She had earned the title of the 'Diggers` Mother' and there was no woman living today who was more entitled to it than she. He would like to say what this dear old lady had done for the soldiers. 

In the coldest winter at Narrabri when the train arrived there from Sydney about 4 o'clock, in the morning, he never once came on to the platform that he did not see her waiting to meet the diggers. She had to walk in the darkness from West Narrabri— about two miles— many a time when the bus could not call for her; but whether the bus called for her or not, she was there. Financially she 'reduced herself to nought', for she had given all her money to the soldiers. She also regularly corresponded with over 500 soldiers at the front. 

Mrs Campbell had highly honoured the people of Boomi by turning the key in the door of their Memorial Hall officially. 



To those who served and to those who paid the Supreme Sacrifice in World War 2 Lest We Forget

22 Bishop Street
Boomi NSW 2405
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Boomi Memorial Hall [-28.7236432,149.5795244]
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World War 2

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