Canterbury Public School War Memorial


Two metre tall rectangular prism constructed from marble and brick.



Erected to the memory of our patriotic soldiers. Old boys of the Canterbury School who took part in the Great War. 1914 - 1918 Theirs was a greatness got from their grandsires-- Theirs that so often in strife with their enemies Struck for their hoards and their hearths and their homes. [The Battle of Brunanburh by Alfred Lord Tennyson ] This tablet is dedicated to the memory of the past pupils of this school who gave their lives in the Second World War 1939 - 1945


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Canterbury Public School

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Memorial Location

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Church Street
Canterbury NSW 2193

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Veterans Listed

FirstName LastNamesort descending Conflict Status Link
S Baker World War 1 view
W Barrell World War 1 view
S Bartlett World War 1 KIA view
G Bennett World War 1 view
F Bibo World War 1 view
G Bishop World War 1 view
E Booth World War 1 view
C Booth World War 1 view
E Boutcher World War 1 view
D Boyd World War 1 view