Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Memorial Chapel


A modern memorial chapel that makes extensive use of natural light, through its position outside the RSL Club. This central place of remembrance includes water flowing from a lit copper urn which rests upon a raised platform to form an eternal flame. Water and flame are both traditional symbols for everlasting life and remembrance. The words 'Lest we forget' form a backdrop on the surrounding wall. Military associations for the three services using a mortar, anchor and propeller are included on the perimeter.

In 2015, the RSL undertook a large renovation of the memorial which is known as the Bert Crook Memorial. Elements from the previous memorial have been incorporated into the updated memorial. An 8x4m aluminum sculpture in the image of the eternal flame was established on the facade of the club in 2015, underwhich a plaque reads "Their name liveth forevermore". This new memorial is adjacent to the Bert Crook Memorial.

The Crook memorial update and new memorial were finished to coincide with the centenary-100 years of Anzac. The new memorial was officially opened on Friday 17 April 2015 to distinguished RSL guests, members of the Club and the wider community. The Club's first ever Anzac Day Dawn Service was held on Saturday 25 April. 

Additional information:

  • The memorial is dedicated to the memory of Bert Crook who was the Club's Secretary Manager when the Club was officially opened in 1947. At that time, an earlier chapel served the Club's needs, and an illustration has been provided in these photographs by the Club.
  • Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL's Commemorative Events Booklet 2015.


Bert Crook Memorial

Their name liveth forevermore

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20-26 Canterbury Road
Hurlstone Park NSW 2193
Local Government Area
  • Canterbury-Bankstown Council
  • Building – outside
Memorial type
  • Fountain/Drinking fountain
  • Wall
Recorded by
Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club
Year of construction
Originally 1947. New memorial 2015.
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Dedication date
17 April 2015
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