Euston Memorial


The memorial takes the form of a column with a sphere surmount, pedestal and stepped plinth base. It is made of grey granite. The pedestal contains a number of inscription plaques and listing of veteran's names, inscribed with gilt lettering. The memorial is set in a grove of Ficus microcarpa var. hillii (Hill’s Weeping Fig), with brick paving and seating immediately around the memorial. The stepped plinth and pedestal provide suitable places for the laying of wreaths. 

This memorial is located within Euston Park, a triangular reserve between Euston Road and Floss Street, Hurlstone Park. It was originally located within the Hurlstone Park town centre immediately north of the railway station. It is believed to have been moved to its current location in 1947.

Notes on veteran names:

  • No records can be found for deceased veterans from this area with the following names: E. Myers and W. W. Woodward. The status codes for these veterans have been given as Killed in action (KIA), as the memorial indicates they are deceased.
    • The publication Canterbury's boys: World War I and Sydney's Suburban Fringe indicates E. Myers is Ernest Sydney Rudolph Meyer and W. W. Woodward is Unnie William Woodward. As the memorial also lists an E. S. R. Meyer and a U. W. Woodward, it may be that these two veterans have both been listed twice.
  • The status codes for all other deceased veterans are taken from information on the Australian War Memorial roll of Honour and in the National Archives and Commonwealth War Graves Commission information.
  • As confirmed by the above-mentioned publication, L. J. Sheridan is given on the memorial as J. Sheridan, A. G. Thornton is given as A. C. Thornton, W. Tisdall is given as W. Tesdale, and L. A. Mannall is given as L. A. Mannal.
  • The Australian War Memorial indicates S. Bartle was awarded a Military Medal.


The Great War 1914-1919

This memorial is erected by the residents in honor of those who enlisted for active service from Hurlstone Park.

Foundation stone:

This stone was laid by S.M. Herford Esq. President of the Hurlstone Park Soldiers and Sailors Welfare Associationon the 18th day of Sept 1920.


This memorial was unveiled by J.W. Keir Esq Hon. Sec. Hurlstone Park Soldiers and Sailors Welfare Associationon the 4th December 1920. 


Canterbury City Council City of Cultural Diversity

Euston Memorial

To commemorate our fallen comrades. Their service is our heritage. 25 April 2000. Lest we forget. 

Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Sub Branch Don Hicks (President), Archie White (Secretary). Canterbury City Council Kayee Griffin (Mayor), Jim Montague (General Manager).

Veterans listed on this memorial

Last held rank Given Name Family Name Conflicts Fate Service No. Service Campaign Read more
H Alderton World War 1 view
N J Andrews World War 1 view
C W Ashworth World War 1 view
F K Bardsley World War 1 view
J S Barncastle World War 1 view
L Bartle World War 1 DOW view
S Bartle World War 1 DOW view
I A F Beswick World War 1 view
L N Blakeney World War 1 view
W J Bootle World War 1 view

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2C Euston Road,
Euston Park,
Hurlstone Park NSW 2193
Local Government Area
  • Canterbury-Bankstown Council
  • Garden/park
Memorial type
  • Column/pillar
Recorded by
Mr. Allan Shooter and Mr. Peter Woodley, Canterbury City Council
Year of construction
04 September 1920
Established Date format: 
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'; print $new_date; } else{ print ''; }
Dedication date
04 December 1920
  • First World War, 1914–18
  • All conflicts