Coffs Harbour Jetty Memorial Theatre (previously Memorial Hall)

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Early in September 1920, a public meeting was held and supported the erection of an AIF Memorial Hall. Delegates were appointed to meet with the soldiers on Saturday 18 September. Members of the Coffs Harbour Sub-Branch of the R.S.L, were asked to attend. 

The soldiers endorsed the Jetty residents' proposal for a memorial hall. A Provisional Board of the Coffs Harbour District Memorial Hall was formed and fund raising events took place.

The local sub-branch applied to the government for a site and the Minister for Lands approved a site for a Public Hall; namely, allotment 7 of section 20. The government asked for the nomination of five to seven residents as trustees in June 1923. The Coffs Harbour Advocate, 28 September 1926 reported that the final plans for the hall has been forwarded to the Chief Secretary. Sufficient money was available for a start of construction.

In January 1927, the plans were forwarded to the Coffs Harbour Shire Council for approval and at that stage, the engineer supported the move. In May the Memorial Hall Committee met and it was decided to go ahead with the hall's erection. Mr Crombie was appointed the builder.

Mr P K MacNamara officially opened the hall on Friday 24 February 1928. He had presided at the public meeting held some years earlier. On 20 February 2004 the hall was re-opened as the Jetty Memorial Theatre.



Hanging sign

Coffs Harbour Jetty Memorial Theatre

This Plaque commemorates the memory of those soldiers who gave
Their lives in World War 1
We will remember them
Official re-opening of 
The Coffs Harbour Jetty Memorial Theatre
20th February, 2004
The Mayor, Cr Jennifer Bonfield
The General Manager Mark Ferguson
Coff's Harbour City Council.


337 Harbour Drive
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Location/surrounding area
Jetty Memorial Theatre - Coffs Harbour Jetty
Recorded by
Graham Wilson OAM
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Friday 24 February 1928
Dedication date
24 February 1928
World War 1

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