Dangarsleigh First World War Memorial


A substantial, multi-element concrete and stone pillar set in a large concrete circle edged with stones.

The base of the monument is a three-sided pillar. An eight-sided tapered column is on top of the pillar. The column is surmounted by a small globe with a short flagpole on top. The overall height of the memorial is 52 feet (15.85 metres).

The memorial sits on two steps which are five-cornered, with a smaller five-sided pillar at each corner from which flags can also be flown.

Veteran's names and the main inscription are engraved and blackened on two of the three marble plaques on each side of the base. One of the three plaques is dedicated to The Unknown and as such is left blank.

The entrance to the enclosed park area where the memorial is located is via a stone gateway and turnstile inscribed with the word 'Nirvana'.

“The monument was built by Alfred Haroldston Perrott, who lost his eldest son in World War I, to ‘do something to keep forever green the memory of those poor boys who would never return.’ ... The final plan for the monument was a composite based on concepts drawn up by Mr Perrott, Architect Mr Hickson, Shire Engineer Mr Montague Smith and the builder Mr Mark Roberts. ... Building commenced on October 6th 1920 ... The Foundation Stone took the form of a huge block of concrete ... (was laid) on February 21st 1921 ... building work was completed on May 22nd 1921, in good time for the unveiling ceremony on Empire Day May 24th. ... Mr Harry Court, Blacksmith of Armidale, made and donated the turnstile and worked symbols of the Navy and the Army into the handles.”

Each of the elements of the monument has a symbolic meaning, determined by Mr Perrott:

  • the large paved circle surrounding the monument “represents the world, with the inlaid stones showing the rough path of life”
  • the three-sided base “represents ‘Mother’ England with Ireland and Scotland"
  • the five smaller pillars, each with five sides "represent the ‘Children’ of the British Empire – Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa”
  • the eight-sided obelisk “unifies England with Ireland and Scotland, and the five Dominions to form the British Empire, above which is the globe to represent the world”

“The entrance is in the form of an eastern temple and invites people to ‘Nirvana’, the Place of Peace and is surmounted by a bell, which calls the souls to rest ... The turnstile has handles fashioned into shapes of a military bugle, service rifle, Naval bosun’s whistle and a cannon.

The unveiling ceremony was performed by Captain J.L.G. Johnstone (later Brigadier).” 


Inscription around top of pillar

1914 - 1918

Lest we forget


Designed and erected by Alfred Haroldson Perrott of 'Chevy Chase' in memory eternal of the soldiers of the British Empire who went West during the Great War.

Circle and Globe.
Represent the world.
Five Pillars.
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and India.
England, Ireland, Scotland.
Octagonal Spire.
The Eight Countries united.

Honour roll plaque



The Unknown

Inscripiton on smaller pillar

Globe 40 ft

Inscripiton on smaller pillar

Flag Staff 52 ft.

Inscription on turnstile


Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflicts Fate Service No. Service Unit Campaign Link
Pte Frank G Brennan World War 1 DOW 33rd Batt 9th Brigade view
Sgt E S Earle World War 1 KIA B Co. 33rd Batt. view
Pte Robert Fawcett World War 1 DOW 33rd Batt DCO 9th Bde. view
Lieut James Hogg World War 1 DOW 42nd Batt view
Pte Norman Holloway World War 1 DOS 33rd Batt. view
L Cpl Thomas R Holtsbaum World War 1 DOW 33rd Batt 9th Brigade view
Sgt C A Johnson World War 1 KIA 16th Batt. 6th FAB view
Mjr C H Lane World War 1 KIA 18th Battery view
Lieut L W Lane World War 1 KIA 53rd view
Cpl Wilfred D Lovegrove World War 1 KIA 2nd L H view
Cnr Dangarsleigh and Dangars Falls Road
Dangarsleigh NSW 2350
Local Government Area
  • Armidale Regional Council
  • Roadside
Memorial type
  • Column/pillar
Recorded by
David Roden, photographs by Richard Roden and Tom Bishop (DSCO4869 and 4870)
Established date
06 October 1920
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Dedication date: 
Dedication date
24 May 1921
  • First World War, 1914–18

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