Glenreagh War Memorial


Black and grey polished granite monument, set in a landscaped garden and paved area. Small decorative concrete seats have also been provided. An eternal flame is inscribed on the body of the monument, alongside the inscription text. All the words on the monument are in gold. The words 'In Remembrance' have been incorporated into the paving. The dedication plaque is situated in the garden bed. The monument is lit at night.



For all who served
Lest we forget


In Remembrance

Dedication plaque

This memorial is dedicated to those who served in all conflicts. To preserve our freedom. Lest We Forget.

Glenreagh School of Arts
62 Coramba Street
Glenreagh NSW 2450
Local Government Area
  • Clarence Valley Council
  • Building – outside
Memorial type
  • Monument
Recorded by
Dorothy Teale, Glenreagh School of Arts Inc.
Established date
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Dedication date: 
Dedication date
09 April 2011
  • All conflicts

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