Inverell Vietnam Memorial


A memorial sundial atop a light-brown rectangular marble stone plinth. On the left, right and rear sides of the stone are badges of the three services. On the front side there are two plaques, with the dedication, a map of North/South Vietnam and an honour roll.

The memorial is located in front of the Inverell Returned Servicemen's Memorial (R.S.M.) Club.


Plaque 1

This Memorial dedicated on 1st November, 1986 commemorates the service of 47,893 Australian service personnell who fought Communist Forces in South Vietnam from 1962 to 1972

We remember the 501 Australian Servicemen killed and 2,400 wounded in action and honour the men K.I.A from Inverell.

K.I.A 17.12.1965
36543 Cpl. A. H. T. Fotheringham aged 28 years

K.I.A 17.2.1967
2781363 Pte. P. J. Arnold aged 21 years

Allied forces: New Zealand, United States of America, South Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines

We will remember them

Plaque 2

K.I.A 1.8.1967
2412362 Pte. P. S. McGarry aged 20 years

K.I.A 8.3.1970
2790170 L.Cpl R. E. Power aged 22 years

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Inverell R.S.M. Club
68-76 Evans Street
Inverell NSW 2360
Local Government Area
  • Inverell Shire
  • Building – outside
Memorial type
  • Clock/clock tower/sundial
Recorded by
Douglas N James, RSL of Australia (New South Wales Branch)
Year of construction
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Dedication date
01 November 1986
  • Vietnam War, 1962–75