Inverell R.S.M. Club Memorial Sculpture

Inverell R.S.M. Club Memorial SculptureInverell R.S.M. Club Memorial Sculpture, close-up of curved base sectionExplanatory notes for Inverell R.S.M. Club Memorial Sculpture

This memorial sculpture is located at the Inverell Returned Servicemen's Memorial (R.S.M.) Club. It is constructed of stainless steel and worked copper, mounted on a stone and marble base.

The sculpture comprises of three main elements. The focal point is two copper sheets that are attached to a central pole. Each is slightly twisted, giving them a sense of movement, which the artist refers to as "finlike". Towards the bottom of the pole is a large, C-shaped piece of copper that curls up towards the base of the fins. It is supported by a group of stainless steel rods, which are embedded in the stone and marble base. The base is inscribed with the words 'Lest we forget'. Attached to the wall behind the sculpture is the third element, a copper sheet bearing a map of the world, marked with locations where Australians have served. 

While the sculpture is of abstract design, the artist intended its overall form and concept to be in honour of all those who have served, particularly those who have lost their lives. There are also symbolic references to the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Navy, and the Royal Australian Air Force. A detailed description of the sculpture's features, materials, and symbolism is included in an explanatory notes page positioned nearby. It has been transcribed in the inscription section below.

The sculpture was presented to the club by the Inverell R.S.L. sub-Branch and Women's Auxiliary in 1972. It is located in a courtyard within the club and access to it is restricted to the opening hours of the club. 


Stone and marble base

Lest We Forget

Explanatory notes page

Memorial Sculpture

Descriptive and Explanatory Notes

Construction and materials

Welded steel frame, hammered and worked copper forms (antique finish), stainless steel tube support cluster, base block of Hammer marble (chiselled finish).

Description and Symbolism

This sculpture, designed specifically for the space allocated to it, has an inspirational quality emanating from the drama of the lower forms leading into the soaring lightness of the central finlike shapes; the symbolism of which follows. The world map beaten into a torn sheet of copper is concave in shape making it one with the sculpture while remaining a background to it. Red, light blue and dark blue buttons depict the geographical places where Australian forces have served.

The sculpture is intended as a memorial to the fallen in all wars and also the returned who live with their memories.

Symbolic association included in the overall concept and individual components: Stone base- solidity, stability; stainless steel cluster - the individual grouped together forming strength; large copper shape - battlefield, opposing forces facing each other, conflict; tall forms - victory, the spirit of the fallen; the map with torn edges - destruction the by-product of war.

The Services represented in the shapes of the sculpture: Overall suggestion from the front - the sword; stainless steel cluster - Army; large copper form - boat or sailing vessel - Navy, or the flapping wings of a great bird in flight - Air Force; central fins also have a suggestion of aeroplanes in flight - Air Force; the same fins also indicate the rifle - Army, also inverted rifle.

This memorial was presented by the Inverell Sub-Branch R.S.L. and its Women's Auxiliary 1972.

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Inverell R.S.M. Club
68-76 Evans Street
Inverell NSW 2360
Local Government Area
  • Inverell Shire
  • Building – outside
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  • Statue/sculpture/artwork
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Graham Wilson
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