Lower Burragorang and Cox's River Honor Roll


Timber honor roll with gold writing. It is not known where this was originally located, but it is believed to have been somewhere in the northern end of Burragorang Valley, as this is the Cox's River end, and was also known as Lower Burragorang.Notes on veteran names: All status codes have been verified using information in the Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour.



HONOR ROLLLower Burragorang & Cox's River


Dedication date: 


Recorded by: 

Mr. Allen Seymour, Wollondilly Heritage Centre (The Oaks Historical Society)

Established date: 


Location/surrounding area: 

Memorial Location

Address Data: 

Wollondilly Heritage Centre - Drill Hall, 43 Edward Street
The Oaks NSW 2570

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Veterans Listed

Rank FirstName LastNamesort descending Conflict Status Link
Pte T G Clarke World War 1 view
Pte C Clarke World War 1 KIA view
Pte H E Clarke World War 1 view
Dvr H E Dunn World War 1 view
Pte L Grundy World War 1 DOD view
Pte J L Kerswell World War 1 KIA view
Dvr A L Kerswell World War 1 view
Dvr M Maxwell World War 1 view
Bdr R McMahon World War 1 view
Pte O McMahon World War 1 view