Manly Australian Artillery Memorial


This memorial comprises a 25 Pounder Mark II Gun and a separate bronze plaque mounted on a concrete block. Further information on the history of the gun and its predeccesor is available at:



This gun is dedicated to the citizens of Manly and District to commemorate those who served in the Royal regiment of Australian Artillery and to recognise the close association between the Municipality of Manly and the School of Artillery. Unveiled by Alderman David A Hay MBE, Mayor of Manly, on 27 August 1983. Royal Australian Artillery Hostorical Society. Manly Municipal Council.



1983-08-27 00:00:00.0

Recorded By: 

David RodenUpdatedaphs by Peter Levarre- Waters



Location / Surrounding Area: 

Memorial Location

Address Data: 

Gilbert Park,Belgrave Street
Manly NSW 2095

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