Manly Surf Club First World War Roll of Honour

Board before 2014 restorationBoard before 2014 restorationBoard before 2014 restorationBoard before 2014 restorationAfter 2014 restoration

The honour roll consits of a solid backing with mounted silver/chrome plated insignias, the main one of which is a hand cut. The roll consists of approximately 61 names, listed in three columns.

Many young members of the Manly Surf Club (MSC) answered the call in the First and Second World Wars. It is unknown when, but apparently around to the end of each war, the honour boards were established by the club.

The original First World War honour board was badly damaged, with the metal plaques being corroded. It was also lost for many years.

The MSC plans to restore the honour rolls from both wars, identify as many of the named persons as possible and appropriately cause their sacrifices and efforts to be acknowledged not only at the MSC, but throughout the Northern Beaches and elsewhere.

The restoration of the First World War honour board was completed in 2014, the work undertaken by "Warne's". This was facilitated by funding from the Veteran Affair's Community War Memorials Fund. The restoration of the board uncovered that Benjamin M & Benjamin S were sadly killed, and probably brothers.

Included in the photo gallery is a painting of surfers by Jeanette McLeod, 1910. Cecil Healy, named on the honour roll, is depicted in the paintings.

Note: the MSC is a separate organisation to the nearby Manly Life Saving Club (MLSC). The latter formed some years afterwards and is the club that voluntarily patrols the beach and competes in surf carnivals. Whereas, MSC was founded in 1907 as a club for surfers, although many members also joined MLSC. This is the current status with both clubs functioning separately, but amicably, since their respective times of inception.




The Great War

1914 - 1919

Veterans listed on this memorial

Last held rank Given Name Family Name Conflicts Fate Service No. Service Campaign Read more
E S Anderson World War 1 view
J Arnott World War 1 view
J Dyson Austen World War 2 view
Dr (Not specified) A’Court World War 1 view
R Beattie World War 1 view
M O Benjamin World War 1 KIA view
S O Benjamin World War 1 KIA view
Keith Bennett World War 1 view
O B Bevan World War 2 view
R Bloomfield World War 1 view

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Cnr South Steyne and Ashburner Street
Manly NSW 2095
Local Government Area
  • Northern Beaches Council
  • Building – inside
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  • Board/roll/plaque/tablet
Recorded by
Mr. Michael Maher and Mr. Scott Calcraft - Manly Surf Club
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  • First World War, 1914–18