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Mascot War Memorial

Mascot War Memorial
Mascot War Memorial, with surrounding gardens
Mascot War Memorial
Mascot War Memorial, from right side, showing grassed mound with concrete square
Mascot War Memorial, close-up of front of pedestal
Mascot War Memorial, close-up of dedication panel
Mascot War Memorial, close-up of foundation stone
Mascot War Memorial, close-up of left plaque
Mascot War Memorial, close-up of centre plaque
Mascot War Memorial, close-up of right plaque
Mascot War Memorial, close-up of left honour roll panel
Mascot War Memorial, close-up of back honour roll panel
Mascot War Memorial, close-up of right honour roll panel
Mascot War Memorial, close-up of shield at base of column
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Description / Background

Mascot War Memorial is a granite column, topped with an 'Orb of the Empire', which is decorated with a Victoria Cross. The column is positioned on a large, rectangular pedestal, which is inset with panels inscribed with a honour roll and dedication for the First World War. The foundation stone is at the base of the front of the pedestal. It is flanked by three plaques for the First World War and subsequent wars, which were added at later dates. 

The memorial stands on a grassed mound, flanked by two lamp posts. The mound is surrounded by crushed gravel paving and garden beds, featuring rosemary plants. A flagpole stands to the left of the mound. 

The foundation stone for the memorial was laid on 4 December 1920 and the finished piece was unveiled the following year on 3 April. A detailed description of the memorial was reported in The Daily Telegraph on 1 September 1922:

The foundation contains 1400 cubic feet of concrete, and the steps are of Bowral trachyte. The lamp bases are of polished red granite, and the nameplate is of axed and polished grey granite, supporting the super-structure, which is also of axed and polished granite, with polished trachyte panels, bearing the inscriptions and names of the fallen, engraved and finished in gold.

A heavily wrought cornice supports an emblematical device of the shield and palms of victory in electro bronze. The whole is finished with a massive polished grey granite column supporting the Orb of the Empire, embellished with bronze mountings and Victoria Cross.

The movement for the memorial was initiated by Ald. T. H. Hicks, on his election as Mayor in January, 1920, and the foundation-stone was laid by him on December 4, 1920.

The memorial was designed by Mr. W. Martin, architect, of Glebe, and the work carried out by Mr. A. Goode, A.I.F., sculptor, of Sydney. Alderman R. S. King acted as hon. secretary to the movement, and Alderman F. J. Chipman was hon. treasurer.

The memorial is located in well-maintained Mascot Memorial Park, in which commemorative services take place. Set into the mound at the four corners of the memorial are concrete squares, possibly for the members of the catafalque party to stand on during services. On either side of the memorial are the Mascot Victory in Europe Memorial and the Mascot Victory in the Pacific Memorial


Front, dedication panel 

Mascot War Memorial

Their name liveth




the People of Mascot

in grateful memory of

their fallen heroes


Foundation stone

This stone was

laid by

Thos. Hicks, Mayor

4th Dec., 1920

Front, left plaque

This plaque commemorates 

the Centenary of the Armistice

11 November 1918

Markting the end of World War 1


Botany Historical Trust and Bayside Council

11 November 2018

Front, centre plaque

Municipality of Botany 

This plaque has been erected

to commemorate

the memory of those persons

who made the supreme sacrifice

in the service of their country


World War II and all subsequent wars


Korea Borneo Malaya Vietnam  

Ald. J. Slattery Mayor.  

R. D. Madden Town Clerk

25th April. 1967.

Front, right plaque

This plaque commemorates and pays

tribute to those who made the

supreme sacrifice and to all citizens

of Mascot who served their country

and fought for freedom during

World War II

September 1939-August 1945

Bayside Council

25 August 2019

Left, back and right sides


Veterans listed on this memorial

Veterans listed on this memorial

Last held rank Given name Family name Conflict/s Service No. Service Campaign Read more
David W Beatie World War 1 view
Edward Bell World War 1 view
Thomas Bennett World War 1 view
Percy W Bishop World War 1 view
Robert H Boyd World War 1 view
Fred Carpenter World War 1 view
Gordon Chandler World War 1 view
Lionel R Clark World War 1 view
Rosslyn Cook World War 1 view
John H Coulsen World War 1 view

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Mascot Memorial Park
149 Coward Street
Mascot NSW 2020
Local Government Area
Bayside Council
Location status
Original location
Memorial type
Recorded by
Kingsgrove North High School. NSW War Memorials Register.
Year of construction
Dedication date
03 April 1921
First World War, 1914–18
Second World War, 1939–45
Korean War, 1950–53
Malayan Emergency, 1950–60
Indonesian Confrontation, 1963–66
Vietnam War, 1962–75
All conflicts