Nerrigundah Roll of Honor - World War II 1939


Framed stainless steel plate Engraved black lettering This Nerrigundah Honor Roll, although not marked as such, is situated on the kitchen wall of the Bodalla Hall. As the town ship of Nerrigundah became a ghost town due to the dwindling of gold and the removal of the hall, the Honor Roll was removed to the Bodalla Hall for safe keeping. The Name Patten could be incorrectly spelt as both Laurie and William are listed as Patton on the AWM WW2 Roll.On the wall of the kitchen in Bodalla Hall.

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Unit Campaign Link
Sig. John Bernard Head World War 2 RTA NX114945 Army view
O.S Donald Edward Mather World War 2 RTA S10572 RAN view
L. Bo Colin John O'Toole World War 2 RTA NX118770 Army !58 ALABat view
Pvt Laurie Patton World War 2 RTA NX82576 Army 2 A Inf S view
Pvt William Patton World War 2 RTA NX126950 Army 2/3 A.I.Bat view
Pvt Claude Alfred Jessop World War 2 RTA NX120713 Army 35 A Inf Bat view
Pvt Arthur Linden Byrne World War 2 N239508 Army 35 Wks Co view
Pvt Willie Joseph Hattley World War 2 N268161 Army 3rd Bat view
Pvt Leslie William Bollard World War 2 RTA NX161238 Army 5Port OPCo view
Pvt Gilbert Murray Jessop World War 2 N43890 Army LHQ Sch view
Bodalla Hall,Princess Highway
Bodalla NSW 2545
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