Rozelle Railways and Tramways Stores Branch, WWII Honour Roll, Railway Remembrance Wall, Central Station



Part of the Railway Remembrance Wall. A cast oval bronze plaque decorated with a laurel wreath around the outside of the plaque and a cross at the top. Names are listed down the centre, inside the wreath.  The memorial is located near platform 23.

Additional information by Sydney Trains:

An oval bronze plaque with the title "1939-1945", with nine Railways employees names who gave their lives in the First World War listed.

It was decorated with a laurel wreath around the outside and a cross above, and the words "Splendid You Passed the Great Surrender Made, Into the Light That Nevermore Shall Fade" (hymn by John Arkwirght 1919).

Following investigations it was found that it displays the names of Rozelle Railways and Tramways Stores Branch employees, and on its closure was relocated to Transport House, and on its closure in 2000, was relocated and fixed to the western Railway Remembrance Wall at Central Station.



1939 - 1945


Splendid you passed the great surrender made into the light that nevermore shall fade

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
J W Brown World War 2 view
K I Duffin World War 2 view
A L C Glossop World War 2 view
S C Glossop World War 2 view
J P Hynes World War 2 view
F C Stokes World War 2 view
H G Tarrant World War 2 view
R G Trevillien World War 2 view
E W G Wren World War 2 view
Central Station
Haymarket NSW 2000
Local Government Area
  • Sydney, City of
Memorial type
  • Board/roll/plaque/tablet
Recorded by
David Roden. Updated info by Sydney Trains
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  • Second World War, 1939–45

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