The Remembrance Driveway, Berrima, Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited


The war memorial is a series of tree plantings and, more recently rest stops dedicated to VC winners, from Sydney to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. More information about the Remembrance Driveway may be found at These memorial stones are set in garden areas at different parts of the Driveway in the Southern Highlands, and each has a bronze plaque attached. Many of the plaques have the sponsoring company's crest as well as the dedicatory text. These memorial stones are on the old Hume Highway just south of Berrima and the Illawarra Highway between Moss Vale and Sutton Forest. A similar stone is on Remembrance Drive (the Bowral Road), on the northern edge of Mittagong township.
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This part of the Remembrance Driveway was made by and is maintained by the Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited and is dedicated to the memory of the employees of the company and all other men and women who served their country in time of war.

Illawarra Highway
Berrima NSW 2576
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David Roden
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