Transvaal Avenue


Transvaal Avenue consists of 60 existing trees of various species. The avenue was opened on 31st August 1900. A total of 107 trees were planted at the opening ceremony, and each tree was named for generals in the Boer war battlefields and victories. The avenue follows a curved path between the entrance gates at Eligin Street/Walker Street and Devonshire Street. An account of the opening ceremony and the construction of the Avenue was published in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners Advocate on September 1, 1900, (page 8).

Maitland Park,Walker Street
Maitland NSW 2320
Location/surrounding area
Memorial Location
Recorded by
Ms. Cindy Dickson, Maitland City Council
Established date
Dedication date
1900-08-31 00:00:00.0

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