Victory Tree Mona Vale

WW1 Victory Tree Mona Vale - view from Pittwater RoadWW1 Victory Tree Mona Vale - view from Akuna LaneWW1 Victory Tree Mona Vale - view from underneathWW1 Victory Tree Mona Vale - sign

A Holly Oak (Quercus ilex) planted in 1920 in the grounds of the then Mona Vale Methodist Church. One of 200 trees planted across NSW under a Methodist Youth Program to honour those who served in the First World War. The Victory Trees were supplied with the assistance of Mr J. Maiden, Chief Botanist, Sydney Botanical Gardens. The Victory Tree in Mona Vale is one of only a few which remain today. The tree is in good health and its canopy has a span of approximately16m.

Pittwater Council erected an interpretive sign at the base of the tree in May 2016 to identify its significance.


Pittwater Council

World War One Victory Tree

Corner of Pittwater Road and Akuna Lane, Mona Vale

This Quercus ilex (Holly Oak) is a Memorial Victory Tree planted here in 1920 in the grounds of the then Mona Vale Methodist Church with the assistance of Mr J H Maiden, Chief Botanist Sydney Botanical Gardens. It is one of 200 trees that were planted as part of a statewide Methodist Youth Program to honour the supreme sacrifice of Australian servicemen in World War One.

The trees were supplied conditional that they be planted in church grounds, in this case in front of the Mona Vale Methodist Church, with a commemorative service to be held around the tree "each anniversary", as near to Anzac Day as possible.

Despite the size of he original program, it appears that very few of the Victory Trees remain, and if they do, few are identified as such. This makes this tree at Mona Vale even more special.

1785 Pittwater Road
Mona Vale NSW 2103
Local Government Area
  • Northern Beaches Council
  • Building – outside
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  • Memorial avenue/Memorial tree/Memorial trees
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Northern Beaches Council (North)
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  • First World War, 1914–18

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