Wauchope Memorial Olympic Pool

Wauchope Memorial Olympic Pool - street view

In February 1953 the Hastings Shire Council approved, in principle, an Olympic Swimming Pool at Wauchope.

The Shire President, Councillor Bransdon opened a War Memorial Baths fund. The proposal was first adopted at a public meeting attended by 200 residents, called by Mr A. Brandson. The Shire Engineer informed the Shire Council in March the pool would cost £16,000, and suggested council borrow £20,000 to cover costs of dressing rooms etc. That August council adopted a motion proposed by President Bransdon that finance for the pool be provided on a 50-50 basis, half by the Wauchope Urban Area and half by the Shire. Mr J. B. Renshaw, Minister for Works and Local Government informed the Hastings Shire deputation that he was "prepared to grant a quarter of the cost of Wauchope Memorial Baths, to a maximum of £10,000" (Macleay Argus, 4 September 1953, 'Olympic Pool for Wauchope'). Mr Renshaw authorised a grant of £6,250 towards the cost of the pool early in December 1954.

The Shire of Hastings War Memorial Olympic Pool at Wauchope was officially opened by the Honorary J. F. McGrath, Minister for Public Works on Saturday 1 February 1958.


Wauchope Memorial Olympic Pool

3 Cameron Street
Wauchope NSW 2446
Local Government Area
  • Port Macquarie-Hastings Council
  • Roadside
Memorial type
  • Swimming pool/swimming centre
Recorded by
Graham Wilson OAM
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Saturday 1 February 1958
Dedication date
01 February 1958
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