Meadowbank Second World War Memorial Walkway


This memorial is one of three within Meadownbank's Memorial Park. It is a memorial walkway, comprising 42 small, sandstone pillars engraved with the names of all the countries Australia fought in during the Second World War. There are rosemary bushes between the pillars. Each pillar has a stone or stones from the relevant country inset at the top. Additionally, there are two similar pillars and a small sandstone block with 'Australia Remembers' plaques attached. The walkway winds down to the First World War memorial.


Countries listed on pillars (alphabetical)

Barbados, Belgium, Brunei (Borneo), Canada, China, Crete, Denmark, Egypt, England, Eritrea (Ethiopia), France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Indonesia (‘Ta.’ ‘Ti.’ ‘IJ’, ‘Am.’ and ‘Ba.’ inscribed on top), Iraq, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Malta, Myanmar, Nauru, Northern Ireland, Norway, Ocean Island, Papua New Guinea (‘JF.’ and ‘Bo.’ inscribed on top), Philippines, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, The Netherlands (Holland), United States of America, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

Australia Remembers - plaque 1

This memorial is dedicated to the men and women of Australia who served during the Second World War. All Australians who played a role in keeping the country functioning during those long years. The sorrows and difficulties of the widows, widowers, children and families of those veterans who did not return or died in the intervening years. The Youth of Australia who are our future. 14 November, 1997. John Howard MP, Prime Minister of Australia, Member for Bennelong. Col McKinnon, Chairman, Bennelong Australia Remembers Committee.

Australia Remembers - plaque 2

The Bennelong Australia Remembers Committee comprised of The Hon J W Howard MP (Patron) C McKinnon (Chairman), G Boath, C Brown, J Clough, J Fairbairn, P Graham, T Higgins, J Hull, J Jackson, F Larbalestier, M Lardelli, K Long, S Mason, B McGowan, W Phipson, K Prince, S Preece, A Taylor, J Waddell, T Williams, N Woods. Concept and design of the Memorial by A Powe, B.Larch.

Australia Remembers - p​​​​laque 3

Sincere appreciation is extended to the following for their contribution to this memorial: The Federal Government, donors and carriers of commemorative stones, public subscribers, RSLs of the district, Ryde City Council.

Memorial Park
Meadow Crescent
Meadowbank NSW 2114
Local Government Area
  • Ryde, City of
  • Garden/park
Memorial type
  • Walkway
Recorded by
David Roden
Established date
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Dedication date
14 November 1997
  • Second World War, 1939–45

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