Blayney Cemetery Soldiers Memorial

Blayney Cemetery Soldiers MemorialBlayney Cemetery Soldiers MemorialBlayney Cemetery Soldiers Memorial

The Blayney Cemetery Soldiers Memorial is dedicated to the fallen service personnel laid to rest within the cemetery. The memorial consists of a white marble column mounted upon two marble steps, set upon two stone steps at the memorial base. The memorial dedication in black lead inlaid lettering is inscribed on the base of the memorial column and the two marble steps. The memorial sits upon a 'T' shaped concrete slab and is encircled by nine metal posts with a chainlink fence.

The memorial was erected during the mid to late 1920s by the Blayney sub-Branch of the Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia (RSSILA), the former name of the Returned and Services League of NSW (RSL), to commemorate those from the 1885 Sudan Campaign, the Boer War and the First World War who were buried in the cemetery. The Blayney RSL sub-Branch was incorporated as a chapter of the City of Orange RSL sub-Branch in 2022.


This memorial
erected by the
sub Branch
R.S. & S.I.L.A.

In remembrance
of fallen comrades
laid to rest in this cemetery

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Blayney Cemetery
Memorial Drive
Blayney NSW 2799
Local Government Area
  • Blayney Shire
  • Garden/park
Location status
Original location
Memorial type
  • Column/pillar
Recorded by
Bradley Bliss
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  • Sudan, March–June 1885
  • South African War (Boer War), 1899–1902
  • First World War, 1914–18
  • Marble
  • Other stone