Fingal Head Australia Remembers Memorial

Fingal Head Australia Remembers Memorial

The memorial is a large basalt bushrock with a bronze plaque attached. The inscription on the plaque commemorates the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. 

The memorial is located on a roadside reserve on the banks of the Tweed River. It is almost opposite the Coolangatta and Tweed Heads Golf Club. The spot was chosen as it is the approximate location of a camp for American servicemen of the 32nd Division during the Second World War. Members of the unit who had contracted malaria convalesced at the camp for some four to six weeks. No visible signs of the camp remain at the site. 

The memorial was established by the Fingal Progress Association as part of the 'Australia Remembers 1945–1995' program. The program was a series of activities organised by the Federal Government to commemorate the 50th anniversary. A number of 'Australia Remembers Committees' were formed and grants were made available for the creation of memorials throughout Australia.



This plaque commemorates the 50th anniversary of
the end of World War II. It identifies the location
of a special camp for servicemen of the U.S. Army's
32nd Division during 1943. This camp was between
the Tweed River and the Dreamtime Beach to the
east, on the shores of a large salt water lagoon,
since filled by sand-mining.

Fingal Progress Association Inc.
for the Tweed Australia Remembers Committee

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Fingal Road
Fingal Head NSW 2487
Local Government Area
  • Tweed Shire
  • Roadside
Location status
Original location
Memorial type
  • Stone/bushrock
Recorded by
Graham Wilson
Year of construction
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  • Second World War, 1939–45
  • Bronze
  • Other stone