Commando Memorial Seat

Commando Memorial SeatCommando Memorial Seat, close-up from frontCommando Memorial Seat, right sideCommando Memorial Seat, close-up of plaqueCommando Memorial Seat with surrounds

The memorial is a square seat made from pink granite, on a base of black stone. A bronze plaque is attached to the top face, which features military colour patches. Each side of the seat is inscribed with the memorial's name.

The seat was originally dedicated on 31 January 1982, in honour of those who served in the Second World War. A new plaque has since been installed, which includes those who served in subsequent conflicts and peacekeeping missions. The memorial was rededicated on 11 November 2020.

The memorial is located at the Macquarie Street end of Martin Place in the Sydney CBD. 



Commando Memorial

In memory of Australian Commandos
who served and those who gave their lives

World War II - Vietnam - Afghanistan
Iraq - Timor-Leste


[Emblems: M&Z, 126/301 RACS, 1st CDO Regt, Z Special, 4 RAR (CDO), 2nd CDO Regt]

[Colour patches: 2/1 IC, 2/2 IC, 2/3 IC, 2/5 IC, 2/6 IC, 2/7 IC, 2/8 IC, 2/6 CAV CDO, 2/7 CAV CDO, 2/9 CAV CDO]

South West Pacific, Buna-Gona, Sanananda, Liberation of Australian New Guinea, Abau-Malin, Anumb River, Maprik, Wurui Mission, Borneo, Labuan, Balikpapan, Milford Hwy, Eastern Shah Walikot

Rededicated by Australian Commando Association (NSW) Remembrance Day 2020


Commando Memorial Seat

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58-60 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000
Local Government Area
  • Sydney, City of
  • Public square
Memorial type
  • Other
Recorded by
NSW War Memorials Register
Year of construction
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Dedication date
11 November 2020
  • Second World War, 1939–45
  • Vietnam War, 1962–75
  • Iraq: the First Gulf War, 1990–91
  • Afghanistan, 2001–present
  • Iraq: the Second Gulf War, 2003–09
  • Peacekeeping, 1947–present
  • Bronze
  • Granite