Glenorie Memorial Hall

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The Glenorie Memorial Hall was built in 1932 after the original Hall, built from sandstone, began eroding. The Hall is of full brick construction with a metal roof.

The Hall was built by the community for the community with funds from the sale of sandstone from the original School of Arts that stood on the current site, along with the original Glenorie Public School, started in 1888.

The Glenorie Memorial Hall Cenotaph is located around 50 metres south of the Hall in the Wal Buckingham Memorial Garden that adjoins the Glenorie Memorial Hall. See The Glenorie Memorial Hall Cenotaph

The foundation stone of the Hall is dated 1932 and the current Hall and cenotaph were opened in 1933.  

The Hall has decals on the windows of: the 3 services, an Australian map and the RSL symbol.



This stone was laid by H. Stewart Esq M.H.R. 

.. October 1932 ...

1729 Old Northern Rd
Glenorie NSW 2157
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Ms Jane Williamson, Mrs Janice Williams, Peter Levarre-Waters and Carolyn Hall
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1932-10-01 00:00:00.0
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01 October 1932

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