Middle Head Submarine Mine Explosion Memorial

Middle Head Submarine Mine Explosion Memorial - Cemetery Office backdropMiddle Head Submarine Mine Explosion Memorial - view of 'stone of remembrance' plaque at baseMiddle Head Submarine Mine Explosion Memorial - cemetery backropMiddle Head Submarine Mine Explosion Memorial - illustration 1894

Memorial erected over grave commemorates Lieutenant T. Hammand, Lieut. R. Bedford, Corpl. J. McKee and Bugler C. Bennett, killed in April 1891 by the premature explosion of a submarine mine during the Middle Head Easter encampment.

The upper portion of the memorial is of marble. Resting on the upper tier of bluestone is a marble base 4ft. 6in. by 4ft. 6in. The several faces of the marble base bear trophies of crossed swords, with helmet and crossed sculis, the accoutrements, &c., having been executed in bronze. On the upper portion of the marble base there is a pleasing arrangement of cable. Rising from the base is a die having four tablets, facing the north, east, south, and west respectively. The die is enriched with laurel, and facing each point of the compass there is a cherub. Above these again is a dome supporting a grenade.

The memorial rests upon a foundation of concrete laid to a depth of 7ft., occupies 9 square ft. of ground, and rises to a height of 23ft. The total weight of the structure is 21 tons, there being 11 tons of marble.

Erected at the entrance to Waverley Cemetery, it was unveiled on Sunday, 6 May 1894 by Major General Hutton in the presence of representatives of all branches of the military force. [1894 'The Middle Head Disaster.', The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, 12 May, p. 961.]


[Separate but placed at the base of the monument  is a marble stone tablet]
Least We Forget - Stone of Rememberance Anzac Day 25 April 2010

[The base is formed of three tiers of bluestone, on each face of the uppermost of which have been cut in relief the names:]
Hammand - Bedford -  McKee - Bennett

Corp J A McKee Aged 25 years
Bugler C Bennett Aged 23 years
Lieut. T Hammand Aged 38 years
Lieut. R Bedford Aged 36 years
This monument is erected by their comrades of the miltary forces of New South Wales

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflicts Fate Service No. Service Unit Campaign Link
Lt T Hammand Easter Encampment Acc Kd view
Lt R Bedford Easter Encampment Acc Kd view
Cpl J A McKee Easter Encampment Acc Kd Torpedo Corps view
Bugler C Bennett Easter Encampment Acc Kd view
Corner of St Thomas Street and Trafalgar Street
Bronte NSW 2024
Location/surrounding area
Waverley Cemetery entrance
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Margaret Diebert
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05 June 1894
Easter Encampment

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