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Rathmines Memorial Bowling Club and Memorial Wall

Rathmines Memorial Bowling Club and Memorial Wall
Interior Memorial Wall
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Description / Background

The memorial club building was formerly the Officers' Mess of the Rathmines Royal Australian Air Force (R.A.A.F.) base.

Inside the club is a memorial wall. On the wall are photos with details of each of the R.A.A.F. seaplanes used during the Second World War. A leadlight panel depicts a Catalina amphibious aircraft and there is also a dedication plaque, a plaque about the Officers' Mess, a list of seaplane units and a list of personnel. Hanging from the ceiling are various model aircrafts.


Wall dedication plaque

This wall is dedicated to the memory of all who served with Seaplane and Flying Boat units during the period of World War II1939 to 1945. 19th Sept. 1984.

Officers' Mess plaque


This building was erected in 1940 by the Department of Public Works subcontracting to local builder Jack Chapman and was designated the Officers' Mess. The building served as the Mess from 1940 until 1961 and at the height of the base's activity approximately 200 officers were using the facilities. In 1961, as a result of the RAAF base ceasing operations, the entire airbase including the Officers' Mess was purchased by the Lake Macquarie City Council. Despite various plans for re-development the base remained unchanged until in 1971 the Council was approached by a number of local citizens who leased the building and adjoining surrounds and the Mess became the Rathmines Country Club. This venture was only partially successful, and to ensure its future the activities of the club were expanded in 1974 with a bowling green being constructed by the members and the club being renamed the Rathmines Bowling Club. In dedication to those men and women who served at the Rathmines RAAF base during World War Two, a memorial wall was constructed in the club in 1984 featuring a leadlight insert depicting a Catalina amphibious aircraft. From that day the club has been known as the Rathmines Memorial Bowling Club. Six decades on from 1941 some aspects of the Officers' Mess have altered slightly to coincide with its current usage as a bowling club, however the structure is maintained as closely as possible to the original construction.

Framed list

R.A.A.F. Seaplane units 1939 - 1945:

Unit / Aircraft Used / Based at

Seaplane Training Flight / Gipsy Moth, Sea Gull, Southampton / Vic, NSW

3 Operational Training Unit / Seagull, Catalina, Rathmines 9 Squadron / Seagull , Walrus, Dolphin / NSW, QLD,

RAN Ships 10 Squadron / Sunderland / UK, Mediterranean

11 Squadron / Catalina, Empire Boat, Seagull / NG, Qld, NSW

20 Squadron / Catalina, Empire Boat, Junkers / NG, Qld, NT, NSW

33 Squadron / Empire Boat / Qld, NG

40 Squadron / Mariner, Sunderland / Qld, NG

41 Squadron / Empire Boat, Dornier, Mariner / Qld, NSW

42 Squadron / Catalina / NT, Borneo

43 Squadron / Catalina / QLD, NT

107 Squadron / Kingfisher / NSW

461 Squadron / Sunderland / UK

4 Communication Flight / Dolphin / as required

5 Communication Flight / Seagull, Walrus / as required

6 Communication Flight / Walrus, Catalina / as required

8 Communication Flight / Walrus, Catalina, Dornier / as required

111 Air Sea Rescue Flight / Catalina / as required

112 Air Sea Rescue Flight / Catalina / as required

113 Air Sea Rescue Flight / Catalina / as required

No1 F.B.R.D. / Flying Boat Repair Depot / Lake Boga Vic

No2 F.B.R.D. / Flying Boat Repair Depot / Rathmines NSW 

Bowling green sign

Rathmines Memorial Bowling Club has a 'memorial wall' dedicated to all member who served at the RAAF Rathmines Catalina Base. All visitors welcome. 

Veterans listed on this memorial

Veterans listed on this memorial

Last held rank Given name Family name Conflict/s Service No. Service Campaign Read more
D G Abbey World War 2 RAAF view
D G Abbey World War 2 RAAF view
R J Adams World War 2 RAAF view
R J Adams World War 2 RAAF view
R J Adams World War 2 RAAF view
R J Adams World War 2 RAAF view
L G Adamson World War 2 RAAF view
L G Adamson World War 2 RAAF view
S J Albert World War 2 RAAF view
S J Albert World War 2 RAAF view

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Club Catalina RMBC
1 Stilling Street
Rathmines NSW 2283
Local Government Area
Lake Macquarie, City of
Memorial type
Recorded by
Mr Robert McLardy
Year of construction
Dedication date
19 September 1984
Second World War, 1939–45