Stokers Siding - Dunbible Memorial Hall

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A well maintained memorial hall. Honour rolls hang inside the hall - polished wood with gilt lettering, mounted on each side of the stage.



Stokers Siding Roll of Honor 1914 The Great War 1919  "Heroes all who served their God, King and Empire"

Stokers Siding - Dunbible  Roll of Honor 1939 Second World War 1945  "Heroes all who served their God, King and Empire"

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
T Smith World War 1 view
B M Smart World War 2 view
R E Smart World War 2 view
O M Selway World War 2 view
A L A Scott World War 2 view
L J Roach World War 2 view
H Reynoldson World War 1 view
C Reynoldson World War 1 view
J Quick World War 1 view
L Parker World War 1 view
244 Stokers Rd
Dunbible Memorial Hall
Stokers Siding NSW 2484
Location/surrounding area
Lat -28.39606s Long 153.40452
Recorded by
Martin Butterfield
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World War 1
World War 2

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