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Come-by-Chance First World War Roll of Honor

Come-by-Chance First World War Roll of Honor
Come-By-Chance First World War Roll of Honor
Close-up of signature of M.W. Hardy on Come-By-Chance First World War Roll of Honor
Come-By-Chance First World War Roll of Honor on wall in hall
Exterior of Come-By-Chance Hall
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Description / Background

The memorial is a roll of honor tablet made of Terrazzo, a composite stone material. The tablet features an intricately detailed design, comprising of a neo-classical temple with a ceiling and floor of black and white tessellated tiles. The background of the tablet is a rich red colour, making the white temple stand out and giving the memorial a dramatic appearance. 

On top of the temple are the Australian and British Union Jack flags, depicted in blue, white, and red. In between the flags are two soldiers on horseback, standing either side of a column topped with a simplified version of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms. 

Filling the centre of the temple is a scroll hanging from a rod. The scroll is inscribed with the names of 32 men from the small village of Come-by-Chance who served in the First World War. The names are listed in two columns and three are marked with a Maltese cross, indicating they were killed during the war.

The roll was made by prominent stonemason M.W. Hardy of Narrabi, NSW. His name appears on the bottom left corner of the roll. Hardy developed his unique Terrazzo materials and techniques in the early 1900s, and used them to produce numerous war memorials throughout North West NSW. 

According to the North Western Courier, 12 April 1920, the roll was scheduled to be unveiled the following Saturday, the 24th of April. 

The memorial is located inside the Come-by-Chance Hall, which was established in 1895. The Come-by-Chance Second World War Roll of Honor is also on site. The village is located south-east of Walgett, NSW. 


For King and Country

Come By Chance

Roll of Honor

1914 1919


✠ Killed 

M.W. Hardy. Narrabri.

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Come-by-Chance Hall
Colless Street
Come-by-Chance NSW 2832
Local Government Area
Walgett Shire
Building – inside
Memorial type
Recorded by
Kate Higgins
Year of construction
Dedication date
24 April 1920
First World War, 1914–18