Railway Remembrance Wall, Central Station



Railway Remembrance Wall, Central Station 1987 plaque.

This bronze plaque commemorates the opening of the Railway Remembrance Wall and was unveiled by the Minister for Transport Brian Langton in 1997. The wall brought together a large collection of railway honour roll boards and plaques in the East Concourse of Central Station.

Located in one of the main underground passenger ways at Central Railway station is a collection of twenty one honour boards and plaques and two frames of photographs.

The NSW Archives holds materials and records about the NSW Railways and NSW Railways employees.

In particular, they have the following three indexes which are relevant to employees who served in World War 1:




Railway Remembrance Wall

Inaugurated by railway employees to honour their fellow workers who served in the defence of their country

The Hon. Brian Langton, MP Minister for Transport and Minister for Tourism

21 April 1997

David Hill Chief Executive State Rail Authority of NSW


Dedication date: 

April 1997


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Railway Remembrance Wall plaqueRailway Remembrance Wall plaque

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David Roden. Updated info by Sydney Trains

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Central Station
Haymarket NSW 2000

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