Substation Staff N.S.W. Government Tramways Roll of Honour

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The memorial is of wooden construction and would normally be mounted on a wall. The writing is gold gilt with black shading. The sides of the memorial are surmounted with wood turned columns. The memorial is crested with crossed Union and Australian Flags. Veterans names are in two columns divided by a line with Waratah at the top and an unkown leaf at the bottom. The record of veterans is protected by a glass cover.

This memorial was on display coinciding with the 2015 Transport Heritage Expo held at Sydney Central and Mortuary Station between 6th June and 8th June 2015. Mortuary Station held a display commemorating the N.S.W. Railways part in the First World War. It is understood to have been recovered from storage on nearby railway property. It is further understood to be awaiting a more permanent display location. It is currently in storage within Sydney Trains' offices.

Additional Sydney Trains information:

The memorial was located at PA Sidings at Central Station. It was put into safe storage in early 2015 due to building works at PA sidings. It was put on public display at Mortuary Station over the weekend of 6-7 June 2015 and is in storage pending a new suitable location.




Roll of Honour
Substation Staff N.S.W. Govt Tramways


[*] Died of Wounds
[Crown symbol] Killed in Action
[Star symbol] Died of Illness

477 Pitt Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
Local Government Area
  • Sydney, City of
Memorial type
  • Board/roll/plaque/tablet
Recorded by
Vaughan Williamson. Updated information provided by Sydney Trains
Established Date format: 
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  • First World War, 1914–18

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